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80,90 after the Shandong Linyi people,Electronic technology, industrial automation robots, processing and manufacturing related practitioners,Internet, photography,Environmentalist.Advocating health.

  • About blogs

    This is my existence for a long time long personal blog site, and I mainly in the above to write some diary, or feel.

    Occasionally will be released some fresh and interesting things, there is a blog home is how easy it is, I was Look heavy, please also encourage me a lot more..

    Committed to the free, open, mutual help to share the spirit of the Internet.

  • About Blogs English

    This is abandoned for a long time for a long time in full English website, the above released a little something, but are no meaning.

    There is no time to update the two reasons, first, the site server in USA, a long period of time I can not visit.

    The second reason is that my English has not improved, doing these things very difficult..

I used to be an almost fanatical radio enthusiast, radio enthusiast, but did not insist


Open blog platform

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    Hongmao21 Blog

    Hongmao21-Life, new knowledge, sentiment.Shandong Linyi (Yimeng Mountain, Huaihe River Basin, Menglianggu to the south of Mongolia River tributaries) that is my hometown

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    hongmao21_trivial memory

    Records trivial life bit by bit, different! Freedom, openness, mutual sharing, my Internet dreams and ideas! Adhering to the efforts!

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    Sina Weibo

    Sina microblogging is mainly a social networking site in mainland China, although I rarely published in recent years, but I am still on the performance of this site is very active, thank you.Various contents are removed in particular, often displayed due to the relevant ... not shown.

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    Google Plus

    Google+ this is what i appreciate a site because i am a full fan of google and also welcome to visit my home page and give me some approval I will be happy.

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    My twitter

    Twitter, because I am in mainland China, very inconvenient to visit, very long ago I can go to Hong Kong without any scruples to open this site, but I still tenaciously did not give up this site, please pay attention to me.

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    WeChat public number

    I also established a personal public number from the media with Chinese characteristics. WeChat public number, although I do not like the various restrictions and wonderful work inside the provisions;At present I do not temporarily open..

I do not know what to write


Not yet updated.

new knowledge

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